Cia. Orgânica’s Flavors

Raul Medici Ferreira

The taste of Cia. Organica’s coffees is the result of many factors. From the careful dealing with the land, to the planting and organic fertilizer, as well as the harvesting methods guarantee our end results. Given all that, our tasting is remarkably delicate. The 100% chemicals-free cultivation results in a coffee rich in flavor and aroma, smooth and with a very low acidity.

Cia. Daily, or the dear-to-all ‘yellow-boxed coffee’, was created to please the typical Brazilian palate, with sharper, full-bodied roast, with very pleasant aroma and a pronounced flavor, low acidity and characteristic bitterness.

The Supreme version, roasted & grounded, of medium roast, with intense and chocolate aroma, has a good body with low acidity and low bitterness, and a delicate and elegant finish.

The Espresso version, in roasted grains, features a smooth coffee with medium roast, an intense chocolate aroma with hazelnut notes, full-bodied, light citrus acidity, with striking finish and retro prolonged taste.

Cia. Orgânica’s Biodynamic roasted & grounded coffee, the star of our family of products, is grown following the astronomical agricultural calendar, respecting the integration between soil, plants, animals, man and the cosmos. It results in a smooth coffee with medium roast, sweet flavor and floral aroma, medium body, low acidity and elegant and delicate finish.

Flavors that are gaining more and more demanding consumers for a differentiated product and at the same time, conscious of having at home a healthy product that respects nature and the agricultural communities.