Raul Medici Ferreira

In 1925 German pedagogue Rudolf Steiner created a model of an even more sophisticated agriculture in its procedures, called biodynamic. A step beyond organic agriculture.

Demeter foods are those produced following the foundations of biodynamic agriculture, an invigorating boost agricultural management, which returns to agriculture the creative force lost during the mass manufacturing and production process.

The foods are produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or hormones. Instead, organic fertilizers are used and biodynamic preparations are applied in homeopathic doses, whose function is to harmonize and enhance the plant’s connection with the cosmos: sun, moon and planets.
In practice, the biodynamic farmer seeks to transform his property into an agricultural organism, where all activities are integrated, working the healing of the earth, the welfare of animals, the production of healthy food and greater contact with consumers, rescuing the ethical & spiritual relationship with soil, plants, animals, humans and the cosmos.
Nowadays, the demand for biodynamic products grows enormously all over the world, confirming the desire for even more qualified products to have at home. Cia. Orgânica is proud to offer this amazing product exclusively, every year, to the Brazilian consumer.