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Coffee: truths and myths

“Probably the most important effect of caffeine is its ability to improve one’s mood, mental and physical performance. With consumption levels up to 200 milligrams (the amount present in half a liter of regular coffee), consumers report a greater sense of well-being, joy, energy, attention, and sociability” said …

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In 1925 German pedagogue Rudolf Steiner created a model of an even more sophisticated agriculture in its procedures, called biodynamic. A step beyond organic agriculture…

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10 good reasons for having Cia. Orgânica as your coffee of choice.

Respect for the environment, more flavor and higher nutritional values are just some of the reasons to enjoy Cia. Organica’s coffee everyday. Meet them all…

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Cia. Orgânica’s Flavors

The taste of Cia. Organica’s coffees is the result of many factors. Since the careful dealing with the land, planting, organic fertilizer, how harvesting is done and the ending is made…

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Why organics?

The consumption of organic products offers only pros to your lifestyle and your family. In addition to being clean products

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