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Cia. Orgânica – Café Orgânico Supreme Pó 250g
Blend: Mogiana Paulista – Northern part of the State of São Paulo – and Southern Minas Gerais

Smooth coffee, medium roast, intense aroma and chocolate, medium-bodied, with low acidity and low bitterness, delicate and elegant finish.

How to use

Our supreme blend. Great for your office or home. Prepare it with your moka-express, paper/cloth filter or aero or French-press.

The coffee that is gourmet and organic.

What is the value of having a product result of a culture that respects the earth and the worker who cultivates it?

Organic farming’s premise is to feed the soil’s life to reap productivity and flavor. The non-use of any chemicals in the coffee results in a healthy and differentiated product. This virtuous circle provides you with the best experience in a single cup.