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Café Biodinâmico capsulas
Single Coffee Mogiana Paulista – Northern part of the State of São Paulo

Biodynamic coffee capsules, with Demeter International certification, cultivated following the astronomic calendar, respecting the integration between soil, plants, animals, men and the cosmos. Cia Organica’s most special product, it’s a smooth coffee with medium roast, sweet flavor and floral aroma, medium body, low acidity and elegant and delicate finish.

How to use

The biodynamic capsules are compatible with Nespresso® machines

Cia. Orgânica’s most special coffees now in capsules

Blending our best coffees with Nespresso® technology

Cia.’s crown jewel now comes in capsules that are compatible with Nespresso® technology. Our most special coffee, cultivated in accordance to the precepts of biodynamic agriculture and following the astronomic calendar – all this assured by the Demeter International certification – may now be consumed by you in a most practical way.

Cia. Orgânica – Cápsulas de café Biodinâmico