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Only organic food, certified by a respectable audit, means real food and nutrition security.

Formed by small, medium and large offices, we provide the Corporate Foodservice with excellent service organization, so that the experience with the organic coffee is enjoyable and allows a wide distribution in the different areas of consumption, such as restaurant, kitchen, cafeteria, events and CEO level.
The work plan is to define the consumption standard of your location and deploy the supply structure with machine installation, equipment maintenance routine, fortnightly coaching staff with our barista and provide the needed accessories, such as cups, recyclable cups, organic sugar sachets, sweetener sachets and so on.

Professional Fully Automatic Machine

Jura Impressa Coffee Maker F-50

Up to 20 users/day = 120 cups/day

Machine coupled with water supply, prepared for automatic extraction of espresso beans only (efficient process for commercial ambiances).

Professional Machine with groups

La Cimbali M28 Select

Up to 50 users/day = 300 cups/day

Machine with 2-4 groups (filters) prepared for professional use only. Must be operated by a barista. Goes with automatic coffee mill, making cups production up to 500 cups/day.