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Cia. Orgânica – Café Biodinâmico Demeter
Single Coffee Mogiana Paulista – Northern part of the State of São Paulo

Biodynamic coffee cultivated following the astronomic calendar, respecting the integration between soil, plants, animals, men and the cosmos. Cia Organica’s most special product, it’s a smooth coffee with medium roast, sweet flavor and floral aroma, medium body, low acidity and elegant and delicate finish.

How to use

Our prime coffee, cultivated in accordance to the moon calendar. Ideal for both commercial and residential use. May be prepared with moka-express, paper/cloth filters or aero or French-press.

What more can you expect from a coffee?

The farm as a living organism

Have you ever wondered how the world would look like if humanity didn’t exist? Probably so. And it’s very likely that you’ve imagined nature working in harmony, at its full capacity. Well, the biodynamic cultivation has this premise in its DNA. Planting not as a large-scale monoculture, but as part of a harmonious ecosystem, just as nature would have done if we weren’t here at all.