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Cia. Orgânica – Café Orgânico Supreme Grão Espresso 1kg
Blend: Mogiana Paulista – Northern part of the State of São Paulo – and Southern Minas Gerais

Smooth coffee, medium roast, intense aroma, chocolate with hazelnut notes, full-bodied, light citrus acidity, with striking finish and prolonged aftertaste.

How to use

Ideal for commercial or residential use. To prepare it, use a grinder of your choice and then use a professional espresso machine or a moka-express or even a paper/cloth filter. Also usable with aero-press, French-press, etc.

The Organic Espresso.

All the refinement and taste of a classic espresso, made with organic grain and unique flavor.

The Cia Espresso Bean gives you the unique opportunity to get the best espresso, using the best organic grains. Taste this coffee in the comfort of your home at any time.