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Cia. Orgânica – Café Orgânico Sachés
Blend: Mogiana Paulista – Northern part of the State of São Paulo – and Southern Minas Gerais

Smooth coffee, medium roast, intense aroma, chocolate with hazelnut notes, full-bodied, light citrus acidity, with striking finish and prolonged aftertaste.

How to use

A great choice for small offices or even at home. Indicated for extraction with manual espresso machines, such as DeLonghi EC220.

Thought for the day-to-day routine.

Would never give up on quality and taste, but don’t know or don’t have time to grind the best beans and extract a classic espresso? Keep calm, there’s still hope.

All the flavor and refinement of Cia Organica’s Supreme was accommodated in small sachets, ideal for that quick stop (or the many quick stops) for coffee along your day.

Easy to use and store (a can will do the work!), the Cia Organica’s sachets are always at hand for that essential daily dose of coffee.

Very little work, and a lot of pleasure!